Our Design Process

At RDG, our goal is to make the design-build process an enjoyable one for our clients. Experience has shown us that knowledge of standard procedures helps clients feel comfortable for the duration of the project. Here’s how we work:

Project Initiation Phase

STEP 1 Consultation: with Ernie Roth

STEP 2 Contract, Retainer & Project Commencement

Research, Design, Presentation Phase

STEP 3 Trade Day : on-site measurements, photos and final criteria meeting

STEP 4 Design & Documentation : execution of drawings, sourcing goods and services, procuring estimates

STEP 5 Presentation : visual display of furnishings and materials; presentation of estimates and collection of deposit

Project Management Phase

STEP 6 Order Placement : assessment of delivery lead-times

STEP 7 Budget & Progress Review

STEP 8 Initiation of Construction and Renovation

STEP 9 Installation Period : and orders are received

STEP 10 Furniture Installation & Styling

STEP 11 Client Reveal

STEP 12 Deficiencies: identified

STEP 13 Deficiencies: resolved

STEP 14 Project Closure Meeting: presentation of final invoices

STEP 15 Thank You & Project Completion: presentation of client binder

The architectural – interior walk-thru presentation for the client’s approval of the proposed design for their master bedroom.

“With your 3-D walk-through, we saw the finished design before we started the project with you. You were very easy to work with and we loved that you listened to our request. The main reason we chose to work with you were your personality, experience and approach to our project. If your considering working with Ernie Roth, you’ll love working with him, and you’ll love the result.”

Rick H. Malibu