Residential Projects Testimonials

“Ernie Roth helped me imagine a wonderful new space for my 1970s vintage condo. I now have a spacious, well-organized, well-lit kitchen, and front of the house that is beautiful and harmonious. All of the tradespeople were superb craftsmen who took great pride in their work and took great care with my property. Each time I come home, I appreciate anew the beautiful space that is my home.”

Cheryl Pope Handel, Heather Village

“We were so fortunate to be introduced to Ernie to build our dream home. It began as a partnership and has lasted as a friendship. Ernie’s commitment to detail and his focus on our project was unmatched, second only to his natural sense of the elements of design. Working with him was an exercise of integrity.”

Linda and Michael Brown

“I knew I wanted to work with Ernie after interviewing several other designers. Ernie listened carefully to my kitchen design goals and ideas and exceeded all of them. He is incredibly professional, detail orientated and creative. His vision of the kitchen design and remodel exceeded all of my expectations. He was always available, prompt in all of his responses to questions, taking care of every element in the design and remodel process. We all love the final result, the kitchen has become the center of our home and we are absolutely thrilled with its functionality and beauty. Each morning when I walk into our kitchen I am filled with joy. Ernie’s expertise has increased the love of our home and added to its value. I highly recommend Ernie.”

Kim Louise, Los Angeles

“Each day we use the kitchen, the more WE LOVE IT! Thank you so much for all you did to make it possible. Everyone was so conscientious and pleasant. We appreciate your talent.”

O. Bensley, Fox Hills

“You listened to me with an amazing attention to the smallest detail. To me the most important of the finished room is that you created something so special just for me. I felt that it was a gift….. my light at the end of the tunnel.”

Barbara Karrol, Venice

“I’ve seen LOTS of pictures of LOTS of rooms, but your Master bathroom made my heart stop. To me, it is perfection and I would love to have that room in my house. I might never emerge from that bathroom.”

Cynthia Taylor-Luce, Interior Designer

“With your 3-D walk-through, we saw the finished design before we started the project with you. You were very easy to work with and we loved that you listened to our request. The main reason we chose to work with you were your personality, experience and approach to our project. If your considering working with Ernie Roth, you’ll love working with him, and you’ll love the result.”

Rick H., Malibu

“I have worked with Ernie on a few projects so far and he’s fantastic to work with. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and insightful. I always have a macro idea of what I want and Ernie is able to bring my vision into focus. Of course, I trust him as a professional, but he always listens to me. Ernie is incredibly detailed and really knows his stuff. He is also very easy going, there is no ego involved. Ernie is very collaborative incredibly respectful, communicative and hard working. If you have the opportunity, hire him!”

Z. Bennett, Woodland Hills

“I am amazed at how well you understood and accurately reflected me in the design of my home. You listened intently and expressed my personality. The results are more than a well-designed, beautiful place to live. And, of course, your creative IQ is off the charts!”

Joyce Medely, Simi Valley

“While working with Ernie, we never felt that he was pushing us in the direction of his taste and palate, or that he was imposing his personal preferences on us. He always validated our choices and working to accomplish the look and style that we wanted, while staying within our budget. He was a pleasure to work with and all of his artisans were talented, reliable and impeccable. When we needed his assistance he was always there throughout the duration of our remodel, regardless of any other jobs he had going. He made us feel like our kitchen was the most important project on his calendar. We are thrilled with the results and recommend him highly!!”

Jan and David Walsh